What is online counselling / coaching?

Online or e-counselling is a means of providing counselling and coaching support using phone and internet technology to correspond and maintain a therapeutic relationship. I have had considerable experience spanning 25 years providing support using phone and internet and believe it is a very efficient and effective means of achieving and maintaining therapeutic goals.

Reasons for using online counselling service

I started with telephone therapy, working with existing clients who had moved cities and countries and still wanted to continue with discussions started in the counselling room. Other clients needed and wanted extra mentoring and coaching in-between counselling sessions that were often brief but potent coaching exchanges.

Then clients started contacting me calling who lived in remote parts of the country, ex-pats and overseas appointed personnel who wanted to correspond with someone who reflected familiar cultural values along with Europeans and Americans who wanted to take advantage of the time zone and the exchange rate.

Services and Cost

The following online counselling services are available through the online purchase of a counselling credit and then the scheduling in of a session. Each credit is the equivalent of 1hr of time and can be used up in 10min intervals, providing flexibility of service according to level of need.

1 credit could be used up in one exchange or a number of shorter exchanges. Payment can be done online at the same rate of $150 NZD per credit. This service is only available to people 17 years and older unless prior written consent by a parental guardian has been given.

• Video conferencing session
The video-conferencing session uses a web cam and broadband internet connection to provide a virtual online session.

• Phone session
The phone session can be in isolation or in conjunction to face to face meetings for support and mentoring in-between sessions to deal with immediate situations of concern.

• Email and therapeutic letter exchange
This exchange has you the client, speak and or email to me a detailed description of any particular issue you may be dealing with and in response I will email you back a well constructed therapeutic letter that you can keep to read over and gain support and insight from in relation to the concerns you are facing. It is considered that a good letter represents about 3-4 client face to face sessions in therapeutic value.

Narrative and Solution Focused brief therapies are ideal for using with online mediums. If you think you can benefit from a online connection, contact me so we can discuss the ways we can make it works for you.